Reviews |Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

Mobile Power Solution for the Demanding Photographer and Videographer

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

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Our Verdict

The Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 stands instantly. It looks like a great power solution for photographers and videographers due to the capacity and addition of a handy wheelset and combined trolly. Its substantial 2048 Watt-hours capacity and 2200W device power draw capability make it a good choice for use on a shoot where multiple devices need to be powered.

The design incorporates an optional set of wheels with a combined trolley, addressing the issue of trying to lug the considerable size and 25.5kg weight from the van to the location.

The 16 port array includes four AC outlets and a range of USB Type-C and Type-A options, which offers decent versatility for powering a wide range of equipment. The ability to control and monitor through a smartphone app adds another layer of convenience. While its size and weight may pose some limitations, and the lack of included expansion batteries, up to 12KW, are an additional cost, the PowerRoam 2200’s build quality and port variety make it a great choice for on-location power.


  • Exceptional Port Variety
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Mobile Trolley


  • Size and Weight
  • No Expansion Batteries Included

What is the Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200?

The Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 is a high-capacity, portable power station designed for anyone looking for an off-grid power solution. It also perfectly fits the needs of photographers and videographers working on location who need access to mains power. With a capacity of 2048 Wattshours and the capability to run appliances up to 2200W, it offers more than enough power to lighting, computers, audio and cameras for a small to medium-sized shoot.

Although I’ve looked at quite a few of these power stations, this one has stood out for several reasons, initially for the mobility features. Unlike many of its competitors in the market, it comes with an optional set of wheels and a trolley, making it easier to transport despite its significant size and weight (25.5kg). The UK version, which I’m looking at, features an array of 16 ports, including four AC outlets, enabling it to power a variety of devices simultaneously. This makes it well-suited to power multiple pieces of equipment, such as cameras, lights, and laptops.

Another feature that is definitely of interest is that the PowerRoam 2200 has an expandability option and allows for the addition of further expansion batteries, scaling up to a massive 12KW, which is more than enough to power the average house for the day.

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

The inclusion of an iOS or Android app for monitoring and controlling the power station also adds another level of access and ease of use. It means that in busy environments, socket arrays can be switched on and off, and you can monitor the status of the battery remotely, although it connects through BlueTooth, so you still need to be within distance.

In terms of use, the PowerRoam 2200 features a robust build, high capacity, and ease of mobility that all make it an ideal choice for outdoor shoots, events, or any production setting where power availability is an issue.


  • Battery Capacity: 2048 Watt-hours
  • Maximum Output Power: 2200 Watts
  • Weight: 25.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 29 cm
  • Port Configuration: 4 AC outlets 4 USB Type-C ports (1 x 140W, 1 x 100W, 2 x 45W) Additional USB and DC ports (totaling 16 ports)
  • Expandability: Supports additional expansion batteries up to 12KW
  • Mobility Features: Optional wheels and trolley for ease of transportation
  • App Control: Compatible with iOS and Android apps for remote monitoring and control

Build and Handling

The Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 features a robust build and stylish design. With dimensions of 54 x 25 x 29 cm and weighing in at a substantial 25.5 kg, the unit is heavy to move, but as it comes with wheels and a trolly that can be easily fitted, this power station is easier to manoeuvre than some.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the PowerRoam 2200 is designed to withstand plenty of use and, through the test, was knocked, carried and dragged across rough ground without issue. The outer casing is solid, offering protection to the internal electronics, and no amount of bumping and bashing seemed to affect the workings of the unit through the test period. This durability suggests that the power station is more than capable of withstanding frequent use, making it a reliable companion for professionals who regularly work on location.

In terms of handling, the PowerRoam 2200 does exactly what it’s intended to do – provide a dependable, portable power source for a variety of equipment. The integration of a smart control system, accessible via an iOS or Android app, is helpful, especially when you position the power station in a difficult-to-get-to position. This feature enables you to monitor and control the power output remotely, which is incredibly useful.

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

As all equipment, such as cameras, lights, and laptops, can be powered using AC outlets or multiple USB Type-C ports, there’s little to think about; it is essentially like plugging into the mains at home.


It’s clear from a few weeks with this power station that the technology has moved forward considerably from the initial batch of units that I started to look at over a year ago. Firstly, charge times are fast, with the ability to recharge in just 1.5 hours fully.

Then there’s the huge array of ports that can all be used at the same time to a maximum draw of 3500W. This means that you can use all four AC ports along with the USB and other ports.

Issues with portability have always been a downside due to the size and weight, and the PowerRoam 2200 is no different, at 25.5 kg; however, with a detachable trolley, that makes a world of difference.

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

Another feature that I really like and that has come in useful with the Bluetti range of power stations is the ability to boost the capacity with expansion batteries. Here, the PowerRoam 2200s can scale up from 2 to 12kWh.

Inside, there are things that we can’t see, and there have also been some major advances in technology. LiFePO4 batteries are used, and these promise up to a decade of life.

The smart app control is another handy feature enabling you to monitor and manage the power station on set – the most useful part of this is that you can monitor the capacity left and ensure that more power can be located if needed before things go dead.


Looking at the performance of the Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200, it’s evident that this unit isn’t just about robust looks and a convenient set of wheels. OK, so really, you just plug in your gear, and you hope that the unit powers everything for the duration of the shoot. Sure enough, with the standard AC sockets, most gear could be plugged in without issue, and the fact that both the AC circuits and DC could be utilised with up to 3500W power draw from all made this extremely handy.

I’ll point out that with everything plugged in and considering most of the kit has internal power, I didn’t get close to that max output, although, on one shoot with multiple devices, we did manage to run the battery down in an hour!

Whether you’re lighting up a scene with the Godox MG1200Bi or just looking to keep the cameras rolling and laptops topped up with charge, the PowerRoam 2200 is provided. The ease with which it handles a variety of equipment, thanks to its port selection, mirrored the simplicity of plugging into a mains socket at home. But, of course, with the bonus of being in the middle of nowhere if need be.

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

The speed of recharging this power station is nothing short of impressive. Being able to go from empty to full in just 1.5 hours is a feature that can turn around a shooting schedule, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Although it’s worth letting the cafe/pub owner know that you’re about to drain the power grid before you plug in.

The unit also proved durable, being transported and dragged to several locations on the small wheels across a variety of terrains. Knowing that it can take a bit of a beating and keep on functioning is exactly what you need.

The knowledge that the power can be expanded with the expansion batteries if needed is a bonus and would definitely be of interest to many working on the set, as while the 2048wh is large, it can quickly be depleted with the larger lighting systems. The ability to scale the capacity up to 12kWh means that you can tailor the power station to the demands of your project and the power-hungry MG1200Bi.

The Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 is one of the best power stations that I have worked with. Its blend of fast charging, rugged durability, and intelligent features like expandable capacity and app control make it a great option.

Final Thoughts

The Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 proved to be a great power solution when working on location. However, it’s the ease and convenience that make these power stations so useful. Just plug in, and you’re good to go, just as if you were using a mains socket back in the studio. This simplicity, combined with the confidence that it can handle an impressive 3500W power draw, makes it a valuable solution on set. Even with the most power-intensive gear, like the Godox MG1200Bi, the PowerRoam 2200 was able to provide almost an hour of power.

One thing that I really liked, aside from the wheels, was the speed at which this unit recharges. The ability to go from empty to full in just 1.5 hours made a huge difference, and usually, a lunchtime top-up was more than enough to power through the afternoon.

Durability is another aspect that is well worth a mention when it comes to the PowerRoam 2200. Having tested its resilience slightly accidentally across various terrains, it’s clear that this unit is built to withstand less than careful use. The assurance that it won’t break easily when dragged across rough terrain or gets thrown around in the back of the transit van is reassuring.

Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 review

Then, there’s the aftermarket option to extend the capacity up to 12kWh, which proves the future use of this power station. And while those expansion batteries don’t come cheap, they are cheaper than further PowerRoam 2200’s.

However, what made the Ugreen Portable Power Station PowerRoam 2200 stand out for me were the wheels and trolly, which make it so much easier to manoeuvre than the competition!