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Camera Jabber Team

Everything you need to know about Camera Jabber

Camera Jabber is a photography news, reviews and technique website written by photographers, for photographers. The team of Ange, Ali and Jeff have decades of experience in the photo industry, from testing every new camera and lens that’s released to working with the manufacturers themselves to create content for their audiences. 

Launched in 2016, Camera Jabber is one of the world’s fastest-growing photography websites where you’ll find in-depth reviews of every significant new product announced, as well as many under-the-radar products that we believe are worthy additions to our kit bag. Ali, Ange and Jeff have a deep understanding not only of the techniques essential to being a photographer and videographer, but the technology powering your camera. Our review process takes weeks, sometimes months, to complete as we test all of the functions and performance of a product. What’s more, we revisit our reviews as and when manufacturers update products with new firmware, providing them with new features and capabilities.

Primarily, we write about interchangeable lens cameras, but we cover much more beyond that including action cameras, lenses, drones, smartphones, tablets and the wider, connected technology that’s becoming a crucial part of every photographer’s workflow.

Camera Jabber has a large, thriving social media audience across all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as YouTube.

What makes Camera Jabber special?

  • We are known and respected in the industry, and we have launched and edited many market-leading titles (both online and print) in our previous roles
  • We cover every brand, system and key technology in-depth
  • We are leading experts in cameras, lenses and accessories
  • We are leading experts in action cameras and drone photography
  • Camera Jabber is written by photographers, for photographers