Reviews |UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station Review

UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station Review

UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station

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Our Verdict

The UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station is a neat portable power solution for photographers and videographers. It features fast charging, robust capacity, and 600W standard and 1500W max output, that’s more than enough power for small shoots.

The 680Wh capacity will keep your camera gear and lighting equipment running during a full day’s shoot without issue and features various ports to directly accommodate USB or AC power.

Giving some piece of mind is that the battery used is an EV Grade LiFePO4 battery that should ensure reliable power delivery.

Even though the power station weighs 9kg, the carry handle makes shifting it around set or location easy enough. Moreover, a 5-year warranty and responsive customer service add a layer of security. The UGREEN 600W is a competitively priced, versatile power solution for imaging creatives seeking performance and portability.


  • Rapid Recharge Capability
  • High-Wattage Support
  • Comprehensive App Control


  • Can be heavy
  • Solar Panel Separate
  • No Phone charging pad

What is the UGREEN 600W 68-Wh portable Power Station?

The UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station is a compact power solution that meets the rigorous needs of photography and videography professionals.

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With a decent 680Wh capacity, a standard output of 600W through AC, and a maximum output of 1500W through all ports, it’s designed to power a wide array of devices, from cameras and lights to laptops and drones.

A stand-out feature is its quick charging capability, with the PowerZip technology enabling a recharge from 0 to 80% in just 50 minutes; then, you can charge through 12v/24v or Solar if you have panels.

Like the competition, this station offers versatility, providing 12 ports, including two high-output USB-C ports and two AC ports. Notably, it uses advanced LiFePO4 batteries that promise six times the lifespan of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

One welcome feature is the App control that offers functions like Quiet Mode and Energy-Saving Modes.

UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station


  • Battery Type: Advanced LiFePO4 EV batteries
  • Capacity: 680Wh
  • Recharge Time: 0-80% in 50 Minutes with AC input, fully charged in 1.5 hours
  • Ports: 2 USB-C ports of 100W output each, 2 USB-A ports, 2 AC ports with a wattage of up to 600W, 1 car outlet, and 2 DC5521 ports
  • Product Dimensions: 30.9L x 18.9W x 24H centimetres
  • Weight: 9kg

Build and handling

The UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station is well-constructed and offers a relatively cheap power solution for capacity and features.

Its sturdy Build imparts confidence, suggesting that it can withstand the rigours of being used outside on location and placed with other photography kit in the back of a van without issue. When it comes to the overall design, it meets similar design lines as other power stations, with AC sockets on the side and ports on the front with a clear LCD showing the power usage, and of course, there’s a fully featured app.

When it comes to price, the UGREEN is cheaper than the Bluetti EB70 and EcoFlow River 2 Pro despite holding a similar capacity. Checking through the specifications and features, it’s difficult to see why the UGREEN is so much cheaper than the other two, and any initial worries that the power station tops out at 600W are quickly dispelled once you delve into the more advanced features and find the U-Turbo that boosts the output to a staggering 1500w.

The Ugreen App connectivity is a unique selling point, offering comprehensive control over the power station’s operation, including the beneficial Quiet and Energy-Saving modes. A feature that really stands out is the wifi connectivity; this means that rather than a direct BlueTooth connection that you’d use on-site, you also have the option to use a wifi connection and connect the power station to an area network so you don’t actually need to be near the battery to monitor its performance or change settings.

The PowerRoam’s remarkable recharge speed, achieving 0-80% in just 50 minutes, means you can get a good charge over your lunch break or top up quickly in the evenings. Overall, the power station’s build quality and features seem well-positioned to serve the needs of photographers and videographers.


The UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station has stand-out features designed to benefit imaging professionals. At the heart of this power station is its advanced LiFePO4 EV battery. With a capacity of 680Wh and the ability to support high-wattage appliances up to 1500W through the U-Turbo feature, it can power various devices, from cameras to lighting equipment, over an extended period.

The PowerRoam’s impressive recharge speed sets it apart. Thanks to the PowerZip technology, it achieves a 0-80% recharge in just 50 minutes and a full charge in 1.5 hours via AC input. The option for solar recharging is a bonus, allowing users to maintain their power supply even in remote locations.

Integration with the Ugreen App is another significant stand-out feature, granting users control over functions like Quiet Mode, Energy-Saving Mode, and Safety Child Lock. The unit’s durability and the peace of mind provided by the 2-year warranty round out an impressive feature set.

UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station


It should be stated from the start that the UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station delivers excellent performance that will satisfy the demanding needs of photography and videography professionals. The advanced LiFePO4 EV battery ensures a reliable power supply in a studio or the field, and while the capacity is relatively small, it keeps things running without a hitch.

Although it runs down the power station at incredible speed, the U-Turbo feature increases the standard 600W output to 1500W. It is handy when you connect multiple devices and need that little extra from the power station. Running at almost full capacity of around 1400W, the power station lasted for just under 20 minutes, this might not sound long, but at least there’s the option to run devices that require more power.

As with the powerful U-Turbo feature, the PowerZip technology enables you to rapidly recharge the unit in just 1.5 hours via an AC input. If AC isn’t available, then you can always charge through 12V/24V or Solar.

The feature that makes this power station stand out is the App. This lets you control the power station remotely, check its status, and utilise functions like Quiet Mode or Energy-Saving Mode.

UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station

The wifi rather than BlueTooth connection is handy, meaning that if there is a wireless network, then you can connect the power station to this rather than the relatively short range of the BlueTooth connection.

The Quiet Mode is another useful feature, and while it does restrict some options, it does enable near-silent operation, which is good to activate when recording audio or if you want a kip and don’t want the sound of the fans waking you up. Otherwise, it is worth noting that this isn’t the quietest of power stations in standard mode, with the fans working most of the time to help keep things cool.

What I really liked was the 600W limit which just helps you to keep your power usage in control. Likewise, the Eco mode further restricts some use but again extends the use of the power station and worked well when I just wanted to use the power supply for charging the camera and lighting batteries.

One feature worth mentioning, if you have kids is the Safety Child Lock; this is activated through the App and essentially locks the power stations, making it safe in case a child’s fingers start sticking into sockets.

In use, the UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station works exceptionally well, and the App really brings the use of this one up a notch over some of the competition. One final thing worth noting is that the handle makes it easy to transport. However, it doesn’t fold away, and there’s no charging pad on top, two features that are always handy but not essential.


The UGREEN 600W 680Wh Portable Power Station is a great asset if you work out in the field or need power in a garden studio, offering power to high-capacity devices and a fast-charging power solution. Its stand-out features are the station’s 680Wh capacity, rapid charging ability, and wifi connectivity.

Notably, its ability through the U-Turbo feature to power high-wattage devices, up to 1500W, means that it can handle various gear, from cameras and laptops to lighting equipment, although, of course, it will drain rather quickly, but at least you have the option.

Its portability is another bonus, and while 9kg is still quite weighty, it’s easy enough to move about.

The Ugreen App is the stand-out feature in this review. It really does enhance the usability, offering remote control, detailed power usage stats, and valuable features such as Quiet Mode, Energy-Saving Mode, and Safety Child Lock.

In photography and videography, where devices tend to be power-hungry, the UGREEN Power Station provides a handy tool to help you keep your kit topped up with power.

Ultimately at the price, the UGREEN 600W 680Wh shines through its robust performance, thoughtful design, and affordability, making it an excellent investment for imaging professionals.

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