Reviews |Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank Review

Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank Review

Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank

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Our Verdict

Power banks have become a modern essential, with most of us using them to keep phones and other devices topped up. Now the Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank takes compact portable power a step further by providing true 100W PD power on the move.

This means that this small power pack can top-up your Laptop, even a MacBook Pro, mobile, camera and lighting. The ergonomic design features small details that boost its usefulness to photographers and videographers, such as the ultra-clear LED display showing precise power levels, 100W PD power and dual charge and power delivery.

Charging is impressive, especially with high-drain devices like the MacBook Pro and the Canon EOS R5 C. At its current price of £89.99, this is one essential you can’t afford to buy.


  • Compact Power
  • Multi-device Charging


  • No wireless charging

What is the Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank?

The Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank isn’t just another charger for your mobile. This compact and unassuming device offers a hefty 100W PD capability, putting it into a league of its own. While there have been other power banks designed for photography, such as the excellent Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 30W Battery Pack, this only offers 30W of power so is only useful for cameras.

However, the Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank offers PD power at 100W, which is enough to power up a 16-inch MacBook Pro or most modern laptops. As with the Tether Tools option, the Ugreen 145W will also power the latest cameras, including the Canon EOS R5 C and Sony A7 III, but as it will also deliver power through the other two ports, you can keep other attached devices, such as lighting topped up at the same time.

Featuring only USB ports, this isn’t a full-blown power station like the larger UGREEN 600w,  as it prioritises portability.


  • Capacity: 25000mAh
  • Total Output: 145W
  • PD Power: 100W
  • Ports: USB (x3)
  • LED Display: Precise battery percentage
  • Material: Metal body, rubberised base
  • Dimensions: 160 x 81 x 30mm
  • Weight: 513g
  • Charging Time: Approx. 2 hours (with 65W adapter)

Build and Handling

The Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank is simple and beautifully designed, setting it apart from the utilitarian look of many of its competitors. Its solid metal casing gives the device a premium feel. This design also makes it durable and efficient at heat dissipation even under demanding conditions, such as powering a MacBook Pro that’s being used for 4K video editing. The integration of a rubberised base is more than just an aesthetic touch; it ensures it stays put on smooth surfaces, making it particularly beneficial when using a car bonnet as a workstation.

The layout is equally simple, with three USB ports spaciously lined up at one end, allowing easy and hassle-free connections. The digital LED offers an easy way to see the remaining power down to the exact percentage, which is a refreshing change from the ambiguous range indicators seen on many power banks, such as a row of four or five lights.

Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank


The Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank isn’t just a charging device; we’ve become familiar with our increasing reliance on electrical devices. It’s an actual power source more inlines with the Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 30W Battery Pack. It features a 145W total output through the three USB ports, which is made possible through the PD 3.0 and QC 3.0 technologies. This means it can charge devices like the MacBook Pro 14-inch 2022 to the halfway mark in just 30 minutes.

The USB ports work intelligently with different combinations of W outputs depending on what you have plugged in, essentially with the USB Type-C 100W and 45W at either end and an 18W Type-A port in the middle. At 25,000mAh capacity, this is one of the largest power storage devices available for its size and weight. It will enable you to top and power most devices you can carry, including lights, cameras and audio gear.

The device’s efficiency is further enhanced by its 65W input, which means that when the power is running low, it can take charge at 65W, which from flat will see it back to 100% in around two hours.

The Ugreen 145W is just a power bank, so its use is straightforward, just plug in your devices for charge or power, and that’s it. On the side is a simple LED screen that shows what level charge is left in exact percentage points, a refreshing step-up from ambiguous LED indicators.


The Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank packs in the features and seems to blast any previous power banks I’ve tested out of the water over the years. However, you only get to experience a product properly when tested in the field.

So before setting out, it’s worth noting that the unique selling point of this power bank is the impressive 100W PD capability; this means that I can charge and use my MacBook Pro or power my lights, projector and a range of other devices without having to lug around a power station or find a mains socket.

Thankfully over the four-week test period, the Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank impressed as it was put through its paces, powering up demanding equipment like the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the Canon EOS R5 C, and ZHIYUN lighting systems.

Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank

Drawing comparisons to other products that I have reviewed on Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 30W Battery Pack, the Ugreen 145W comfortably outshines in terms of sheer power delivery. It isn’t merely a basic charger; it’s a power source that ensures all devices, from your Laptop to your camera, remain powered and ready to go. Moreover, its ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices, including those drawing high power, is incredibly useful.

Unlike other power banks, the accuracy of the LED display and its percentage counter means that you’re not left playing the guessing game on how much juice remains, a feature I found invaluable during my testing. Surprisingly, seeing as how the demands on the small box are so great, the device remains relatively cool, although I am using this in the British Summer, which has yet to rise much above the 20ºC mark. I’ll update you on the heat if I have any issues if and when the temperature in this country rises.

The Ugreen 145W doesn’t merely meet expectations; it far surpasses them. Over the test period, it has proved to be a reliable and robust power source for most of my photography and video gear. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Final thoughts

As camera and video technology progresses, the demands for compact, powerful solutions grow increasingly crucial. The Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank is not just another accessory; it’s verging on essential. The ability to power up and run multiple devices, from my MacBook Pro to the power-hungry Canon EOS R5 C, without being tethered to a mains socket or power station makes life far easier. Power stations meant that I was no longer running around locations trying to find a safe and secure power socket; now, this pocketable power bank charges most of my devices and weighs a fraction of the power stations.

Ugreen 145W | 25000mAh Power Bank

Comparing this to other power banks I’ve encountered, the Ugreen 145W’s unique selling points are chiefly the 100W PD capability which, with the ability to charge on the move, will drastically reduce downtime in the field.

In essence, this power bank doesn’t just simplify tasks; it redefines what’s possible on the go. For photographers, videographers, and anyone else who needs a decent on-the-go power source for USB devices, the Ugreen 145W is essential.