Grow Light Stands

About Grow Light Stands

Discover the best fluorescent and LED grow lights for all your indoor gardening needs: mobile and height-adjustable light gardens, multi-tier stands, table top units, and wall-mounted varieties. Whether you're looking for something utilitarian for your basement or mudroom, or something furniture-quality to display your beloved collection of houseplants, our wide selection of grow lights can enhance your indoor growing setup while brightening up your space....

LED grow lights use half the electricity and last five times longer than fluorescent bulbs, so while the initial price tag can occasionally be a bit higher, it will cost much less to operate over the lifetime of the bulb. Long known for their energy efficiency and long equipment life, LEDs are more affordable, more widely available, and better engineered for indoor growing than ever before.

LED grow bulbs come in a broad range of sizes, intensities, and light colors. High-output LEDs are twice as bright as standard LED grow lights, so they can provide ideal light intensity from a greater distance, giving plants more headspace to grow. Full-spectrum lamps create optimal lighting for plants, providing blue (“cool”) light to stimulate vegetative and root growth, and red (“warm”) light to stimulate flower and fruit production.

We also offer grow light gardens illuminated by T5 and T8 fluorescent grow bulbs. Great for beginning indoor gardeners, T8 grow lights can be more affordable than LEDs, but consume more electricity and need to be replaced more often. Both T5 and T8 bulbs provide optimal full-spectrum light, perfect for healthy plant and root production, as well as full-bodied fruiting. Between the two, T5 grow lights offer the best value, with a longer lifespan and using about 40% less electricity than a traditional fluorescent bulb.

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