News |Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Specifications, price and release date confirmeds

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Specifications, price and release date confirmed

Unveiling Advanced Imaging Capabilities for Creative Visual Storytelling

Samsung S24 Ultra

Samsung has elevated mobile photography and videography to new heights with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, revealed at live events across the globe. This new smartphone boasts an array of features catering to both professional and amateur photographers and videographers, making it a significant leap forward in mobile imaging technology and one of the first phones to maximise the present evolution of AI technology.

Here at the London launch held at the Magazine in London, we were introduced to the latest AI advances that this camera had to offer. While at the event we were introduced to the many new and advanced features that the new phone and S24 series was bringing to the world, it’s really the imaging that were interested in here at camera jabber.

Samsung S24 Ultra

When it comes to the imaging potential, Samsung has really invested, and one of the standout features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra being the ProVisual Engine. This comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools significantly enhances image-capturing capabilities, ensuring clarity and precision in every shot. The Quad Tele System, along with a new 5x optical zoom lens, is paired with a 50MP sensor, allowing for exceptional optical-quality performance across a range of zoom levels, from 2x to 10x magnification. This system also delivers sharp results at 100x with enhanced digital zoom​​.

Photographers and videographers working in challenging lighting conditions will appreciate the upgraded Nightography capabilities. The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a larger pixel size, now 1.4 μm, which is 60% bigger than its predecessor, enabling more light capture in dim conditions. The device also features wider optical image stabilizer (OIS) angles and enhanced hand-shake compensation to reduce blur, ensuring crisp images and clear video recordings​​.

Post-capture editing is also a breeze with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s innovative Galaxy AI editing tools. These tools offer functionalities like erase, re-compose, and remaster. The Edit Suggestion feature uses Galaxy AI to suggest ideal tweaks for each photo, and the Generative Edit option can fill in parts of an image background using generative AI. This feature is particularly useful for correcting crooked pictures or adjusting the position of a subject within the frame. Additionally, the Instant Slow-mo feature can generate additional frames to slow down fast-paced moments in videos smoothly​​.

For those who share their work on social media, the Galaxy S24 Ultra integrates seamlessly with third-party social apps, making use of its AI-powered camera system. The Super HDR feature offers lifelike previews before the shutter is pressed and ensures that images and videos shared on platforms like Instagram are displayed with enhanced brightness, colour, and contrast​​.

The device’s performance is powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, which is optimized for efficient AI processing. This chipset, along with the device’s 1-120 Hz adaptive refresh rate, ensures smooth and efficient performance, essential for heavy-duty video recording and editing​​.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra features a 6.8-inch QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display, providing vibrant visuals and enhanced outdoor visibility. The device also comes with Corning® Gorilla® Armor, offering superior durability against everyday scratches and significantly reduced reflection, ensuring a smooth and comfortable viewing experience​​.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a compelling choice for photographers and videographers seeking advanced capabilities in a mobile device. Its combination of powerful imaging hardware, AI-driven editing tools, and robust performance makes it a frontrunner in the mobile photography arena.

For more detailed information, visit the Samsung Global Newsroom: Samsung website

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