News |UNISTELLAR’s ODYSSEY: A New Era in Stargazing with Smart Telescopess

UNISTELLAR’s ODYSSEY: A New Era in Stargazing with Smart Telescopes

The ODYSSEY range brings the cosmos closer to home, blending technology and astronomy.


Following their reveal at CES Las Vegas 2024, UNISTELLAR has announced a new age of astronomical exploration with their ODYSSEY range of smart telescopes. These innovative devices are set to transform our night sky experiences, making the wonders of the universe more accessible than ever before, even from the heart of bustling cities.

Laurent Marfisi, co-founder and CEO of UNISTELLAR, expressed his enthusiasm for the ODYSSEY, describing it as a new generation of smart telescopes designed to bring the distant marvels of space into our homes. “The ODYSSEY allows anyone, regardless of their expertise, to dive into the depths of space, bringing millions of light-years within reach,” Marfisi stated. This democratization of stargazing promises to turn evenings into cosmic adventures, whether solo or shared with family and friends.

Two key UNISTELLAR technological innovations underpin ODYSSEY’s intuitive experience. Firstly, the Nikon High Precision Optics, co-developed with Nikon, offers an effortless and enjoyable astronomical observation. The ODYSSEY is notably the first mirror telescope that requires no manual adjustment, simplifying the setup process significantly. Secondly, the Stellar Autofocus ensures perfect sharpness during celestial exploration, thanks to an automated focus system that combines a smart algorithm with a motorized sensor.

A standout feature of the ODYSSEY is its ability to observe a vast range of celestial objects. From the nearby planets, like Jupiter with its Great Red Spot and atmospheric bands, to distant galaxies, such as the Whirlpool Galaxy, the telescope’s patented Multi-Depth Technology enables seamless switching between various depths of the cosmos.

Designed for both portability and aesthetic appeal, the ODYSSEY is light (8.8 lbs) and compact, boasting an iconic and refined design. It is complemented by the UNISTELLAR app, which transforms a smartphone or tablet into a celestial co-pilot, guiding the telescope, suggesting the best space objects to observe, and facilitating the sharing of observations.

The ODYSSEY range includes two models. The standard ODYSSEY, priced at £2,199, offers a remarkable experience using tablets and phones. The ODYSSEY PRO, at £3,499, provides an even more immersive experience with the Nikon Eyepiece Technology digital eyepiece. Additionally, the ODYSSEY PRO Red Edition is available for £3,999, symbolizing the daring spirit of space travel with its unique red hue.

Available now on the website, at Jessops, and on, the ODYSSEY and ODYSSEY PRO are set to redefine home astronomy, bringing the splendour of the cosmos to our fingertips.

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