News |OWC Unveils Enhanced ThunderBlade X8 Portable Storages

OWC Unveils Enhanced ThunderBlade X8 Portable Storage

New ThunderBlade X8 offers superior RAID 5 performance and increased capacity.

ThunderBlade X8

Other World Computing (OWC), has announced the release of its latest model in the ThunderBlade portable storage line, the ThunderBlade X8. This new portable RAID solid-state drives (SSDs) for creative professionals looks to be an excting addition to the companies exsisting product lines.

Renowned for its top-tier production drives, the ThunderBlade series has consistently been acknowledged for its exceptional performance and reliability. The ThunderBlade X8 continues this standard, boasting a real-world speed of up to 2949MB/s and offering an up to 16% increase in capacity and efficiency in RAID 5 configuration. This enhancement not only ensures ThunderBlade’s performance but also broadens its usability, catering to the demanding requirements of data-intensive tasks such as editing the latest video from the Nikon Z8 and Canon EOS R series cameras.

A standout feature of the ThunderBlade X8 is its design, tailored for fast-paced environments where efficiency is crucial. The drive is engineered to handle uncompressed, high-bandwidth content streams with ease, ensuring that projects are not just completed on time but with unmatched speed and reliability. Its mobility-focused design, featuring an integrated fin-designed cooling system, makes it an ideal companion for on-set use, in edit suites, or while traveling. The ThunderBlade is further protected by a ballistic hard-shell case, underscoring its suitability for rugged use.

Before delivery, each ThunderBlade undergoes a thorough multi-hour “burn-in” performance certification. This rigorous testing ensures that the device arrives in optimal condition, ready for immediate deployment in any professional setting.

Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO of OWC, emphasized ThunderBlade’s legacy of setting new benchmarks in external drive capabilities. He noted that the ThunderBlade X8 not only continues this tradition but also advances in terms of performance, storage capacity, and ruggedness, thus providing creative professionals with a reliable tool for enhanced data protection and efficiency.

The ThunderBlade X8 is available in various capacities, including 8TB, 16TB, and 32TB models. Interested customers can pre-order the device starting at $1,749.99 from This release marks another milestone for OWC in its commitment to providing cutting-edge storage solutions to professionals who require speed, capacity, and reliability.

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