News |Sabrent Launches Ultra-Fast Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSDs

Sabrent Launches Ultra-Fast Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD

Surpassing 14,000 MB/s, Sabrent's Latest SSD Redefines High-Speed Data Transfer

Sabrent Rocket 5

Sabrent, in collaboration with Phison, has introduced the Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD, a groundbreaking storage solution tailored for photographers and videographers. This SSD is a leap forward in data transfer technology, offering sequential read speeds over 14,000 MB/s and write speeds surpassing 12,000 MB/s, making it an essential tool for professionals in image and video processing.

The Rocket 5 Gen 5 has demonstrated its prowess in CrystalDiskMark tests, with ultra-fast transfer speeds that are ideal for handling large files typical in photography and videography. The impressive Random 4K Q1T1 results with 107 MB/s Read and 479 MB/s Writes ensure that even the most intensive tasks, like editing high-resolution images or 4K videos, are executed smoothly. These speeds are consistent across various benchmarks, including 3DMark Storage Test and PCMark Storage Tests, highlighting its superiority in the SSD market.

Sabrent has addressed the overheating issue common in Gen 5 SSDs, ensuring that the Rocket 5 runs cooler than its predecessors. This feature is particularly beneficial for photographers and videographers who often deal with extensive data transfers and prolonged editing sessions. The SSD’s compatibility with most motherboards that have built-in cooling solutions, along with Sabrent’s recommendation to use the Rocket 5 with a heatsink, ensures optimal performance without the inconvenience of large SSD coolers.

The upcoming availability of the Rocket 5 SSDs in various capacities, including a high-capacity 4TB version, presents a flexible storage solution for handling the vast amounts of data involved in professional photography and videography. The base specifications of these SSDs demonstrate their ability to manage intense workloads efficiently, making them a perfect choice for professionals seeking top-tier performance and reliability.

This launch is a significant milestone for Sabrent, as the Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD exceeds industry expectations by offering unparalleled speed and reliability in a compact form. Its compatibility with existing motherboard cooling solutions and the availability of a bespoke heat sink make it a versatile and user-friendly choice for a wide array of applications in the visual arts field.

Photographers and videographers can look forward to the release of the Sabrent Rocket 5 Gen 5 SSD. For more detailed information and updates, visit Sabrent’s official website.

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