News |Renice launches 600GB CFexpress Type B memory card for professional videographys

Renice launches 600GB CFexpress Type B memory card for professional videography

Capture Cinema-Level 6K, 8K, and 12K Videos with Renice's Latest High-Speed, High-Capacity Memory Card

Renice 600GBCFE

Renice has introduced its latest innovation in memory card technology – the 600GB CFexpress Type B Memory Card, designed to meet the demanding needs of professional photographers and videographers. This memory card stands out in the market for its exceptional performance, notably in high-definition video recording, including 6K, 8K, and 12K formats.

The Renice CFexpress-B card is built with the latest generation of controller technology and authentic particles (pSLC mode), ensuring stable high-speed data reading and writing. The card offers sustained writing speeds of up to 1700MB/s and a continuous data reading speed of up to 1750MB/s. This capability ensures smooth and uninterrupted recording of high-resolution video, making it especially suitable for cinema-level productions.

With dimensions of 38.5mmX29.6mmX3.8mm (LxWxH) and adhering to the CFexpress Type B standard, this memory card is compact and compatible with a range of professional cameras. It utilizes the PCIe Gen 3.0×2 interface standard, offering rapid data transfer rates that are essential for handling large files typical in high-resolution video recording.

Available in various capacities, including 300GB and 600GB, the Renice CFexpress-B memory card caters to different storage needs. The card is rated for 5000 P/E (Program/Erase) cycles, indicating a high erasing and writing life, which is crucial for professionals who frequently record and overwrite data.

The memory card operates within a wide temperature range (-10°C to +70°C) and is designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliability in different shooting environments. It also boasts ultra-low power consumption, with average working power consumption under 2.3W and standby power consumption below 0.3W. Additionally, it supports overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions, adding an extra layer of safety for your valuable data.

Each package includes one CFexpress-B card, an instruction manual, and a carrying bag, providing convenience and protection for the memory card.

Priced at $499.99, the Renice 600G High-Quality CFexpress Type B Memory Card is an investment for professionals seeking a reliable, high-performance storage solution for their high-end video projects. For more information and to purchase the memory card, interested customers can visit the Renice website.

Explore more about Renice’s CFexpress Type B Memory Card here.

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