Annual Flower Gardening

  • How to Grow Nasturtiums from Seed
    Nasturtiums are among the easiest flowers to grow from seed! Their cheerful orange, gold, and burgundy blooms are also edible, making them a garden must-have.
  • Growing Annual Flowers from Seed
    Yes, you can grow your own annuals from seed!
  • How to Grow Sweet Peas from Seed
    With their large, easy-to-germinate seeds, sweet peas are fun to grow from seed. Plus, the resulting blooms are gorgeous and beautifully fragrant.
  • Grow Geraniums from Seed
    "There is no trick to growing geraniums from seed," says Valerie Ryan, who grows dozens of seedlings each year. "Patience and care is all that is needed."
  • Annual Flowers Bring Late Summer Color
    In the garden, perennials reign from May to mid-July, but annuals are the key to ensuring late-season color.
  • Growing Tuberous Begonias
    With up to 8-inch, showy flowers that bloom from summer to fall, tuberous begonias provide all-season color in even the shadiest corners of the garden.
  • How to Grow Coleus
    From burgundy to lime green and in just about every shade in between, coleus is all about foliage.
  • Jennifer’s Journal: Planting for Privacy
    Check out Jennifer's journal to discover her expert techniques for planting for privacy. Read the article on the Gardener's Supply blog.
  • How to Grow Annual Flowers
    Annuals bring forth a burst of color, form, and texture to just about anywhere in the garden. We show you how to grow and design with annual flowers.